Beyond 'at Risk' Organization (BAR) is a registered non-profit organization that aims to dismantle the harmful connotations associated with the term at-risk. The widely used term at-risk has no consistent definition but is often used to describe a segment of the population that is racialized and living in marginalized neighbourhoods. 



BAR represents a growing movement of leaders dedicated to research and actions focused on empowering youth, dis-establishing stereotypes and harmful narratives that surround marginalized neighbourhoods. 


Beyond 'at-Risk' Community Scholarship:

The scholarship is funded by the community at-large for six graduating high school students in the Jane-Finch area schools; Westview Centennial Secondary School, C.W. Jefferys, Emery Collegiate Institute. The students selected are chosen by the school's administration for navigating through challenges inside and outside of the classroom. All donors are required to send a message to the student, which will be given to the student allocated to their donation. This community scholarship is meant to encourage students to keep striving in education. 


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